Elliot: The Return to Roswell

Character Biographies

The alien known as RUPERT could not believe that they were about to create another UFO crash in Roswell. The Commission would not be pleased. Thankfully, Rupert was a self-evolving Octavia Model 1113 android, specifically created to protect and nuture his flying companion (no matter how annoying his flying companion became) and to adapt to the most extreme survival scenarios. But even with all that, Rupert could not have prepared for what Destiny had in mind.

GRACIE TYLER grew up in Roswell, New Mexico and was completely addicted to all things UFO. She could often be seen watching the skies at night for any signs of UFO activity. Secretly she hoped the aliens would return so that she might get to fly in a real UFO. She had never heard the phrase "Be careful what you wish for..."

Veterinarian ANNIE TYLER loved her daughter Grace more than anything else in the world. But sometimes even a mother's love has its limits. And after years of listening to her daughter's stories, dreams and fantasies about aliens and UFOs, is it any wonder that Annie would question her daughter's most recent allegations? Especially when those allegations involved a man as charismatic as Tom Shepard.

Originally, the alien known as TOM SHEPARD refused to go on the mission that would ultimately leave him stranded on the planet called Earth. But Destiny had other plans for Tom Shepard. When the Commission stepped in and ordered him to comply, Shepard prepared his ship and his android for action.

GENERAL THADDEUS CORNWALL THORNTON III was a mere infant back in 1947 when the first UFO crashed in Roswell. At the time,Thaddeus' father was a general at Roswell Army Air Force Base. His father warned him that the aliens might one day return to Roswell. And when they did, only a Thornton would be able to stop their nefarious plans.

CLOUD was Grace Tyler's best friend and a beautiful black stallion. Being completely camera shy, Cloud refused to pose for our pictures. But Doreen Parker's niece had an equally gorgeous Palomino named Ginger who was quite amenable to standing in for Cloud. Rumor has it that Cloud and Ginger were recently seen cavorting in one of the nearby fields surrounding Roswell, New Mexico. But no video has been found to corroborate this claim.

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